Palisade Gates

The commercial and industrial sector's favorite security gates.

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Palisade Gates

We offer a gate system to accompany all of our quality range of fencing systems

Perhaps the most popular in the commercial and industrial sector is the Palisade gate. Palisade fencing is a now widely appreciated as the most robust and secure of fencing systems yet remains virtually unique to the UK and Irish markets. Offered in hot dip galvanised or a virtually endless range of polyester powder coated colours there is a solution for all requirements.

Palisade Gates – Robust & Secure

Many companies offer their gates in a “standard” format, we at Moore Fencing find that concept a concern, no two sites or demands are identical, for example many sites have complex leve

ls to deal with, we can provide a full survey to establish your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide gates far greater in size than many competitors, so much so that they buy them from us in many cases. Our quality range of palisade gates are fully welded and can be provided fully or semi automated.

High Quality at a Competitive Price

We can now offer a range of budget palisade gate systems, still offering high quality steel, galvanised or powder coated finishes but with ordinarily lighter frames and bolt on pales.
Typically palisade gates are offered with triple pointed tops, however as with the matching fencing system they can be provided with rounded and notched or flat tops in an endless range of heights.

All Palisade gates can also be offered in cantilever and tracked sliding derivatives, this method is often overlooked for a more “standard” system by many manufacturers. We can provide you a small domestic round top 1 metre wide x 1 metre high palisade gate to a 20 metre wide state of the art fully automated 3 metre high tracked sliding gate for your aviation requirement for example.

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