Security Fencing for Schools

Full perimeter fencing for schools, education centres and parks.

  • schools and education centers
  • schools and education centers
  • schools and education centers
  • schools and education centers
  • schools and education centers

Fencing for Schools and Education Centers.

It can be quite a complicated task when trying to find the ideal options when considering fencing your school or park.

Getting the security and safety right is at the forefront, and that’s where Moore Fencing can help.

  • Moore Fencing works extensively in the education sector providing fencing for schools throughout Eastern, Central and Southern England.
  • 100% of our onsite operatives and contracts managers/directors who provide onsite visits are CRB checked to ensure that we comply with all recent legislation.
  • We can offer advice to help with Ofsted safeguarding visits
  • We can install a wide range of security fencing, security gates and access control systems for general purpose, anti-intruder and high security, encompassing every element of the school environment.

Our Standards.

We install the correct fencing system that will:

  • Project a positive image of the school
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment with minimal visual impact on the immediate surroundings or neighbours
  • Be fit for purpose whatever the specific requirement and be fully compliant with current legislation.

We can help throughout the process of any school security review – from the start, by offering a site appraisal and no-obligation quotation, through to installation. We will ensure that any fencing system used meets the highest standards of product quality and installation, providing a long-term, risk-free solution.

Category 1 Fences – Low risk area/segregation.

General purpose systems up to 2.4m high.

Chainlink Fencing.
• Welded mesh rolls.
• Vertical bar/bow top railings.
Roll top panels.

Category 2 Fences – Medium risk areas.

Anti-intruder systems up to 2.4m high and offering a degree of resistance to climbing and breaching.

Chainlink Fencing.
• Welded mesh rolls.
Profiled panels 200×50.
Steel Railings.
Unequal aperture profiled panels.

Category 3 Fences – High risk areas.

High security fence systems with a height of at least 3 metres to deter and delay a resourceful attacker/vandal.

358 profiled/flat panels.

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