Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Proving to be a popular solution for high security sites.

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Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Our latest product to be added to our portfolio of products, our Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gates are proving to be a very popular solution for our high security sites.

Operating at more than twice the speed of a standard double leaf swing gate of the same size our bi-folding speed gates allow maximum efficiency and security for your site.

Speed gates are used on a multitude of sites around the UK where security is of paramount importance and space is limited for sliding and standard swing gate installations.

If you require the ultimate in site security our bi-folding speed gates are your answer. Used my Police, Military and high security applications their fast acting opening and closing times keep your site secure.

The manufacture of the gate is using a RHS framework and CHS tubular infills.

With our inhouse manufacture we can offer this gate in various infills and also powder coated to meet your corporate colour requirements.

The gates come complete with configurable control panel that will be set to operate in the desired manner by our professional teams.

Our gated systems can receive control inputs from all access control systems that provide a volt free contact.

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